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Boiled Dungeness Crab

One of Vancouver Island's best seafood options! Easy to catch, easy to cook.

  • Clean the crab at home -- you aren't allowed to transport cleaned crab.
  • There's really no point boiling them live, plus with their guts elsewhere, the cooking will be cleaner. To clean them, put crab on its back, poke a sharp knife just below mouth in and forward, and in one quick motion cut in half. Peel off shell, tear off yellowish pieces of gills.
  • Save the shells if you want nice "presentation".
  • Boil large pot of water, add salt so it boils slightly higher temperature.
  • Once boiling, place crab halves in water for 18-20 minutes.
  • As soon as done, place crabs in cold water to stop cooking.
  • To look fancy, serve with two halves put together and shell on top (boil the shell so it gets red).
  • Melt butter and use garlic press to squeeze in a couple of cloves.
  • Get out some shell crackers, bibs if you need them, and a whole lot of napkins, for a messy, tasty, West Coast feast!
  • Don't forget about the meat in the body -- some people think the only meat is in the legs and claws, but there's big chunks in the body too.

Sooke is renowned for its Dungeness Crab, especially in Spring.


Sooke Dungeness CrabsBoiled Crab

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